Summer Grooming Tips for Healthy Skin

Summer Grooming Tips for Healthy Skin


Summer can be tough on your skin, but with the right grooming routine, you can keep your skin healthy and radiant all season long. At Knightsmen Grooming, we understand the unique challenges that summer weather brings. Here are our top summer grooming tips to ensure your skin stays in peak condition.

Embrace the Skin Fade with Beard

One of the hottest trends this summer is the skin fade with beard. This stylish look not only keeps you cool but also minimizes the amount of hair that can trap sweat and dirt. To achieve the perfect skin fade, visit a professional barber and maintain your beard with regular trims. Use our high-quality organic Beard Oil to keep your beard soft and hydrated, preventing skin dry under the beard. If you've already got a beard and looking to maintain that Lion's mane, we'd recommend using our premium organic Beard Balms. 

Hydrate with Skin Oil and Therapy Oils

Summer heat can leave your skin feeling parched. Incorporate a nourishing skin oil or skin therapy oil into your daily routine to maintain moisture. Products like skin oil are excellent for keeping your skin smooth and hydrated. Important to note, our beard oils work overtime to keep your skin safe and protected from harmful UV rays and extreme exposure to sunlight, but it is not a substitute for sunscreen. For those dealing with hyperpigmentation, skin lightening oil can help even out your complexion.

Protect with Tea Tree Oil for Skin

Tea tree oil for skin is a must-have in your summer grooming arsenal. Its antibacterial properties help prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear. Apply a few drops to your face after cleansing to combat any summer-related skin issues.
We highly recommend using our organic Tea Tree Hair Oil because it has been formulated in a way to protect your skin, scalp and hair as well as significantly help in the growth of your hair. 
Note: Always do a patch test before using new products to avoid adverse reactions.

Combat Skin Dryness with the Right Body Wash

Choosing the right body wash is crucial during the summer months. Opt for a body wash for dry skin or body wash for sensitive skin to avoid irritation. These products are formulated to provide extra moisture and protection against the harsh summer elements. Our Knightsmen Grooming Body Wash is full of nutrients that your skin yearns for and has an incredible scent!

Lip Care Essentials

Don’t forget about your lips! Summer sun can be harsh, leading to chapped and dry lips. Keep them soft and supple with Knightsmen Grooming's Organic Lip Balm. Available in refreshing Vanilla and Coconut flavors, our lip balm is perfect for everyone, including lip balm for women, men, and kids. Its natural ingredients ensure your lips stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

Treating Skin Lesions

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, skin lesions can become a concern. Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen and applying a skin transilluminator to detect any early signs of skin damage (Always consult your doctor prior to any use of or changes in application of cosmetics). Early treatment is key to maintaining healthy skin throughout the summer.


By following these summer grooming tips, you can ensure that your skin stays healthy and vibrant all season long. Visit for more grooming essentials and tips. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy your summer with confidence! For more expert advice and premium grooming products, check out our latest blog posts and explore our wide range of skincare solutions.

Disclaimer: Consult a healthcare professional for any skin conditions that persist or worsen.
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